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Do you deliver every image/ video taken?

No. We believe in delivering only the best finished products.


Can I get the RAW photos or footage?

No. We believe in delivering only the best finished products.


Do you travel to other destinations other than JHB?

Of course! Every destination offers memories to be captured.


Do you do destination weddings?

Of course!


Do you do weddings other than traditional white weddings?

StudioLL believes in diversity and every wedding deserves respect and wonderful captured memories to honour the celebration. In short, yes we do.


Do you offer a wedding album?

Yes. We offer a variety of albums to suite your requirements.


Can I add more pages to my album?

Yes, at an additional rate.


Can I see a full event from start to finish?

Yes you may. Our website ensures that you see a little bit of everything, but we cannot load full events and portfolios due to speed limitations. However we are glad to make an appointment and showcase full events during appointments.


How many photographers/ videographers will be present?

We are proud of our esteem service, and know that we can provide a confortable space for your shoot, with Liz and Tash. We do however; have other photographers at hand, depending on the size of the shoot. A standard shoot involves Liz and Tash (during video shoots).


What happens if we go over contracted time?

Additional time will result in an additional rate.


When can we expect to see our photos?

Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. We do however provide the project sooner, in most cases.


How many images do you deliver?

This will depend on the package you choose. Loosely, you can expect 20 images per hour.


What happens if I lose my photos/ videos?

Unfortunately we cannot keep clients’ projects for long periods due to continuous influx of material. However we do have a service provider at hand, who can store data for you at an additional rate, as insurance, in the event that you lose your project.


Can you meet us before our shoot?

Of course!


How do cancellations work?

Cancellations are serious. Please refer to our terms of service for cancellations, as a booking fee/ deposit is non-refundable.


Do you have recommended vendors?

We have worked with multiple vendors through the years, and do have a recommended list of vendors that we prefer and trust, e.g. stationery, design, catering, events, coordination, makeup etc. However these are independent vendors and things can happen, thus we take no responsibility for their services. Contact us for this list.


Can we book, without payment?

Unfortunately we do not take bookings without a deposit.


How do we book you?

Sign an agreement/ quotation with preferred date. Once we confirm the agreement, pay the deposit, and you are booked.


How do you feel about working with other visual vendors like videographers or photographers?

In the event that other vendors are required, we prefer that you check in with us. If we are working in the capacity of photography, we don’t mind videographers, if they are respectful of the work we do. We would like to meet the vendors beforehand to ensure flow for you to get the best from your shoot.


Do you take payment installations?

Yes we do upon prior written arrangement, at our discretion.


Do you offer custom packages?

Not all events/ people/ shoots are the same. We respect that. We can work our custom packages for specific requirements, at our discretion. Our standard packages do cover as much as possible.

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